VEUVE S. S. - Traître à tout LP (2018)

This new LP brings some incredible sounding Experimental Hardcore Punk from this 4-piece band hailing from Lyon, France that's been around since 2010. Featuring ex-current members of : 12XU, Flying Worker, Overmars, Moms On Meth, Ayatollah, Dead Snow, Sport & Morse. Highly recommended!

"Traître à tout is relentless, gritty, & a raw barrage of hardcore punk with all the intensity/insanity & audacity of the first E.P.'s. VEUVE S.S. final LP develops a sound that is probably the most aggressive & screeching of previous recorded material: a hideous rotting beast. Combining distortion and chugging, speedy riffs to more obscure & dissonant sounds, the band crashes over a breadth of classic influences, & embodies ferocity, & self hatred. Song after song VEUVE S.S. shatter their way towards a harsh & inevitably devastating end."

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