Vile Creature - Cast Of Static And Smoke (2018)

Rel. Date: March 09, 2018
Format: 12'', Cassette
Origin: St. Catharines, Ontario (Canada)
Genre: Doom, Sludge, Drone
Label: Halo Of Flies, Dry Cough    

Vile Creature is a 2-piece band from Saint Catharines, Canada which formed in 2014. The band proudly label themselves as an 'angry queer gloom cult' with anti-oppressive and fantastical leanings. They play an amazing pissed off mix of Doom, Drone and Sludge. Their latest album 'Cast Of Static And Smoke' is centered on a post-apocalyptic short story influenced by Sci-Fi writers Octavia Butler and Ursula K. Le Guin and was written by the band members themselves. A dystopian science fiction taking place well after civilization has been destroyed by its own nuclear ambitions. The album is 4 songs that embody emotions felt by characters and moments that take place within the story, it's less chronological and more a response to certain instances. The album also features guest contributions from members/ex-members of Cursed, Sect, False and Former Worlds.! 'Cast Of Static And Smoke' was recorded live with one guitar, one drum kit and two weird queer kids with high ambitions. For those of you who want a full experience of Vile Creature's new album, you can read and/or hear the entire short story scored by the two band members right here. 'Cast Of Static And Smoke' is an absolutely amazing album which should be heard by everyone who's following this blog.! Highly recommended.!!

Vile Creature - Cast Of Static And Smoke (2018)

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