Abjured - Absolutist (2018)

Rel. Date: March 03, 2018
Format: CD
Origin: Halle (Germany)
Genre: Grindcore, Crust
Label: Defying Danger Records

https://www.facebook.com/wastetowngrind/     https://abjuredgrindcore.bandcamp.com/      https://www.defyingdanger.de/shop/ABJURED-Absolutist-CD     

HOLY SHIT, THIS CRUSHES.!! Abjured is a 4-piece diy-band from Halle, Germany which started in 2005. This is really brutal, full force, face-melting  scandinavian Grindcore at it's absolutely best, combined with some huge and bulldozing Crust elements.! You all certainly know what to expect when it comes to germans and Crust, don't you.?! Imagine a dirty mixture of Nasum, Nails and Sect related stuff. This destroys everything...  'Absolutist' is their second full-length album released as a limited CD through Defying Danger Records on march 03, 2018. Currently the band is looking for a label to release it also on vinyl. Feel free to get in contact with the band. If anyone can offer something, it would be greatly appreciated. This album is just fucking amazing.! Highly recommended.!!

Abjured - Absolutist (2018) 

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