Good Game - Good Luck Have Fun EP (2018)

Rel. Date: March 06, 2018
Format: Digital
Origin: Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
Genre: Math Pop, Math Rock
Label: self-released     

After the last rather evil ones, this post is another one for some quite sweet stuff.:) Good Game is a 5-piece band from Boston, Massachusetts which formed in 2014 by one of their singers Brock Benzel. Since 2016/17 this band features also members of Invalids and Buttons & Mindy. In 2015, still running as a rather acoustic solo project, Benzel released Good Game's first LP '*swish*'. Now 'Good Luck Have Fun' is Good Game's second EP as a full band released on march 06, 2018. To draw comparisons, this is a really good mix of typical Math Core insanity and the sweetness of bands like Milk Teeth. Definitely worth to check out. And this girl has such an adorable voice...just sweet.! You can use the download links below or grab Good Game's stuff via nyp option on their bandcamp page. Enjoy.!!

Good Game - Good Luck Have Fun EP (2018) 

Good Game - Don't Blow It. EP (2017) 
Good Game - *swish* LP (2015) 

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