Ruined Nation-Restart LP (2018)

Country: Austria
Genre: Hardcore, Punk, Crust, Sludge, Metal, Grindcore
Label: Wooaaargh!
Tracks: 13
Length: 38.40'

Grinding metallic hardcore tyrants RUINED NATION return after a 6 year silence with a whirlwind of precision blastbeats on 'Restart'. It is a shame that this release marks the band's self destruction as the the fury present in the thirteen tracks is truely exemplary in the genre.

The band itself produces a clinical wall of grinding hardcore noise, Markus' vocals are in the barked roar tradition, in places touching on Gride's Iny in sound. The instrumental production is suprisingly clean and precise, with a guitar tone that would be comfortably at home crushing Wolfbrigade riffs switching between start-stop metallic riffing and pummeling d-beat cascades in the same breath. The bass has that satisfying crumbling distortion, providing weight in the background with a growl like tank treads on concrete. Drums are extremely present on this release, very highly tuned toms and snare cut through on every track and the performance is so tight you couldn't have programmed a machine to produce beats with higher precision.

There are some really interesting flickers in style, particularly later on in the album's 40minute runtime, tracks like 'Same Ol' Story' play with some creative, almost progressive slippery-fingered riffing. But it is certainly still riffing in the finest sense of the word, often conjuring shades of bands like Rotten Sound and in places even rolling into death metal territory, sounding almost like a lightning fast Cannibal Corpse with a competant drummer before snapping back to a d-beat or intensely choreographed start-stop section.

This release serves as a perfect burial for the band and while it is sad that they will no longer play together talent like this can't just sit on the shelf and the members various other outlets (IMPLORE, SIX SCORE, UGF and BLECHOPHON) are available to please the ears of fans of neck snapping heavy grooves and spleen-rupturing blasting hardcore! (Press Note)

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