Embitter - Season Of Solitude 7'' (2018)

Rel. Date: February 19, 2018
Format: 7''
Origin: Warsaw (Poland)
Genre: Hardcore, Metallic Hardcore
Label: Bound By Modern Age Records 

https://www.facebook.com/Embitterhc/     https://embitter.bandcamp.com/      http://embitter.8merch.com/services/store      http://bbmarecords.com/product/embitter-season-of-solitude-7-pre-order/     

90's Metallic Hardcore worship from this new band from Warsaw, Poland.! Members of Embitter also play(ed) in Incitement, Outbound, Heatseeker and Street Lights. 'Season Of Solitude' is their first output released as a 7'' on february 19, 2018. Embitter are drawing from the 90's metallic hardcore scene and bands such as Congress, Morning Again, Sunrise, Unbroken and Integrity. Although they don't take any risks, this is certainly a solid release. Highly recommended not just for fans of the aforementioned bands.! Enjoy.!!

Embitter - Season Of Solitude 7'' (2018)

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