Engraved - Drug Knife EP (2018)

Rel. Date: February 05, 2018
Format: Digital
Origin: Orlando, Florida (USA)
Genre: Hardcore, Progressive Metalcore
Label: self-released

https://www.facebook.com/EngravedFL/      https://engravedfl.bandcamp.com/      https://engravedfl.bandcamp.com/     

Engraved is a 5-piece band from Orlando, Florida which formed in december 2011. 'Drug Knife' is their second EP, self-released on february 05, 2018. Engraved play an awesome mix of modern aggressive Hardcore combined with Progressive Metalcore elements. Influences are said to be made from bands like Poison The Well, Beloved, Deftones and Glassjaw, which you can definitely hear on that ep. If you dig Dualist (two posts below) then you'll dig this, too.! 'Drug Knife' is a very solid ep and is definitely not to be missed.! Enjoy.!!

Engraved - Drug Knife EP (2018) 

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BlackieChan said...

Holy smokes. This is turning into my fav. release of 2018