Slaves BC - Lo, And I Am Burning (2018)

Rel. Date: March 16, 2018
Format: 12''
Origin: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA)
Genre: Blackened Hardcore, Metallic Hardcore, Sludge, Crust
Label: The Fear And The Void Recordings     

Incredible new album from Pittsburgh's Slaves BC, released on march 16, 2018 through The Fear And The Void Recordings. This is discordant and chaotic Blackened Metallic Hardcore, Sludge at it's best.! 'Lo, And I Am Burning' is Slaves BC's follow-up to their highly acclaimed debut album 'All Is Dust And I Am Nothing' released in 2016. Impressive in every way, vicious as fuck sounding...and sooo good.! Don't miss this bomb of an album.! Highly recommended.!!

Slaves BC - Lo, And I Am Burning (2018) 

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Jerm said...

For whatever dumb reason I'd never paid much attention to this band. They're fucking great. Just ordered both lps.