Easy Prey - Teeth (2018)

Rel. Date: February 16, 2018
Format: Cassette
Origin: Austin, Texas (USA)
Genre: Hardcore, Post Hardcore, Noise Rock
Label: self-released

https://www.facebook.com/easypreytexas/      https://www.instagram.com/easy.prey/      https://easyprey.bandcamp.com/      https://easyprey.bandcamp.com/album/teeth     

Easy Prey is a 4-piece band from Austin, Texas. This band features members of Bum Out, UNTD SNKS and OK Pilot. 'Teeth' is their second release and first full-length album released on february 16, 2018. Easy Prey play Noise Rock infused Post Hardcore that can be compared to Unsane, Cows, The Jesus Lizard or older mid-tempo Converge. But Easy Prey are more than the sum of elements from the aforementioned bands...'Teeth' is a breath of fresh air to the hardcore and punk scene as a whole. This is truly an awesome album that should be heard by every follower of this blog.! Highly recommended.!!

Easy Prey - Teeth (2018)

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