Last week a video surfaced on YouTube of a band called Clown Core performing a song called 'Hell' inside a porta-potty. It went viral in a matter of days, getting reposted and written up on various metal sites, because it's just fucking awesome.! Meanwhile they've released a second video for 'Toilet' from their new album on YouTube, which is also titled 'Toilet'.
Clown Core is a super weird duo that plays jazzy Grindcore, with the use of only one drum kit, one saxophone and 2 keyboards/synthesizers. You can describe Clown Core most likely as the bastard child of Mr. Bungle and Pig Destroyer-like Grindcore with a dash of extra weirdness. The duo mixes Punk Rock, Death Metal, Grindcore, Jazz and plenty of comic elements to create a sort of total freaked out cartoon Mr. Bungle version. Clown Core are actually around since at least 2010, though nobody knows much about these crazy clowns. So far there are no clues as to who’s behind the clown masks. In 2010 they've released their self-titled debut album. 'Toilet' is their second album, released on march 03, 2018. Their music is only available on Spotify and iTunes, where it's listed under 'Children's Music' respectively 'World Music'. They're clearly not taking any of it seriously but they're also clearly really good musicians. The fact that the porta-potty in their two new videos has a SoCal Industries logo suggests that they’re based in Southern California, but no one really knows for sure. Be warned because what you are about to hear (and see) is really funny and totally insane.! Highly recommended.!!