Puncture - Form & Void LP (2017)

Rel. Date: April 15, 2017
Format: Digital
Origin: Los Angeles, California (USA)
Genre: Hardcore, Metallic Hardcore, Crust
Label: self-released

https://www.facebook.com/punctureband/      https://puncturehardcore.bandcamp.com/releases     

Over the top Metallic Hardcore from this young band based in Los Angeles, CA. 'Form & Void' is Puncture's debut full-length released in april 2017. This album is full of crushing sounds in a similar vein to bands like Trap Them, Cowards, Advent, Cursed. If you dig Chamber a few posts below, then you'll love this one.! Really awesome stuff.! Highly recommended.!!

Puncture - Form & Void LP (2017) 

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