Chamber - Hatred Softly Spoken EP (2018)

Rel. Date: March 05, 2018
Format: Digital
Origin: Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
Genre: Hardcore, Chaotic Hardcore
Label: self-released     

WHOOOAAAHHH...THIS IS SOOO GOOD.!! Chamber is a 5-piece band from Nashville, Tennessee. 'Hatred Softly Spoken' is their debut EP released on march 05, least it's their only release on bandcamp. Unfortunately there's no social media profile or info site, so i can't provide more infos regarding this band. anyway, this is really brutal and vicious Hardcore exactly in the way i love it. Angry, hateful, uncompromising, hard hitting...just perfect.! The production is strikingly good for a perhaps first release. Amazing stuff.! Highly recommended.!!

Chamber - Hatred Softly Spoken EP (2018)

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DeadWinterMoon said...

I concur. This shit was a blast in the brain this morning.