Recently Daggers, from Belgium, announced that they had joined the hardcore family of Throatruiner Records (is there a better name for a label?) and that a new LP entitled "It's Not Jazz, It's Blues" would be coming out this Spring. So, I thought now would be a good time to introduce to anyone not familiar, one of my favorite bands, hands down. Daggers has previously released 1 LP  & 2 CD's, and there's not a bad track on any of them. The one thing that sticks out for me is just how FUCKING GOOD these recordings sound! The mixing of the drums and guitars is absolutely perfect. And then you add the throat ruining vocals (pun intended) that are both soulful and demonic at the same time. The music overall remains at a mid-tempo pace and the guitars are never overly distorted, but it never gets boring and actually gives it a darker feel. I can seriously listen to this band all day long. Get everything below and be on the lookout for their new album.

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1. Freaks
2. Axes
3. Dekanahwideh
4. Mohawk
5. Altar
6. Call
7. Riot
8. Decay
9. Gloom

1. Animated Bones
2. Dirty Minutes
3. I Owe You Nothing
4. KV 77: "Ouverture"
5. Dragged Down
6. Last Debt
7. Mercenary Masses
8. Charon's Path
9. Introspection
10. Ashes And Dust
11. KV 88: "Finale Doloroso"
12. Fucking Filled
13. Insel Der Toten

1. Understatement Of The Year
2. Sleep
3. Sharks And Hearts
4. Fucking Empty
5. Nameless Old Bones
6. Duck Taped Memories

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