The Day Man Lost plays a blend of fast punk/grindcore with elements of powerviolence. Their lyrics deal with issues such as animal rights, anti-authority/anti-cops, pro working class etc. They played their first gig in November 2003 & played their (temporary) final gig in August 2008 in their home city of Preston (Lancashire), UK. The band later rose from the dead and returned to active service in late 2011. Originally a 3-piece, they got a new singer and new bass player over this summer. A European tour is planned for Easter next year with Scottish blast fanatics Sufferingfuck, and new split releases are in the pipeline with that band and Suffering Mind

In 2013, they recorded a split 7" EP with the band Prolefeed that was released totally DIY by both the bands. It was sold at their shows and may be history as I don't see a purchase link anywhere. You could always try messaging the band on Facebook if you really want a copy. Grab it below if you are a fan of maniacal grindcore & blast beats done at a blistering speed, not unlike Nails or Shitstorm or Trap Them.

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The Day Man Lost tracks only
1. Hung By The Noose
2. Cheap Seat Viewpoint
3. No Borders
4. Reduced To A Commodity
5. Victims
6. Slave To Ignorance
7. How Far Will You Go

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