This is one of the two bands I had the chance to check like 2 months ago. Not really beyond interesting, but enough to keep me excited about what will come from them, namely, new material, shows… that sort of shit. I’ve been trying to write about these bands for a while, but every time I sit down, the blank page just absorbs me and listening to them doesn’t throw me any rope away from the shallow white void.

This may bring us to the question “so why write about them?”, and the only answer I can come up in this moment, after procrastinating for so long, is that they are young, they give me hope and I really enjoyed their live performances. If you ask me out of the 2 bands I saw, which one I prefer or in which do I have “more faith”, I would answer Cvlt Of Grace. If you ask me which one would I have more stuff to complain about, it would be also Cvlt Of Grace. But it's actually just one thing, and I will probably forget to address it anyway.

So, Cvlt Of Grace are a 5 piece band, from Máriagyűd, Hungary. Formed in 2011, these guys already have 3 releases, with the last two available for download courtesy of themselves (Vision & Path). Telling from their online shop, these guys like tape and they also have quite cool somehow-occult/alchemy-infused merch, that matches their blackened hardcore proposal.

I wanted to make this brief and right now don’t want to bitch about anything, so go and enjoy and judge for yourselves what Cvlt Of Grace has to offer.

- download -
1. Part I (Corpses)
2. Part II (Green Scanning Pupil)

1. Intro
2. Firing Squad Loads Again
3. Torture
4. Black Sun
5. The Anarchist

1. Dream Of Hill
2. Valley Of Death
3. I'm At Home Again
4. Everyday Life Of A Mother - Pt. I
5. Nowhere/Nobody

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