I've been compiling a year-end list of my favorite releases to share with you soon, and I keep stumbling across great things that I have failed to mention on the site. Probably the best thing that I didn't blog about was a split LP by Kratzer (Germany) & Kvazar (Greece). While the Kvazar side of the record is definitely enjoyable, it ends up being just a little too spastic and shrieky for me to spin on a consistent basis. The Kratzer tracks, however, are so mind-blowingly good, I'm surprised I haven't worn out their side of the vinyl. Pure German crust at it's finest, Kratzer combines elements of hardcore, d-beat, and punk all wrapped in a sludge-soaked melody. Their 7 songs are divided right in the middle by track #4, the aptly titled '?/!', a beautifully haunting piece that allows you to catch your breath while you absorb what you just heard and, at the same time, prepares you for what's to come next. Do yourself a favor and just download this already.

For Fans of Cursed, Centuries, Gun Mob, Burning Love, Worms Feed, Svffer, Black Ships & Alpinist

- download -
1. Laufrad
2. Schatten
3. Zeitverlust
4. ?/!
5. Sklave?
6. Missverstand
7. Exit Alltag

8. Off By One/Mutant Rhetorics
9. Like Dinosaurs In A Tar Pit/Random people
10. Leap Of Faith
11. Sapping The Foundations
12. The Avalanche Effect
13. The Edifice
14. The Truth

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