In honor of David's metal-as-fuck year end list from a few days ago, I bring you Incarceration, a killer old school death metal band that started out in Brazil but is now based in Hamburg, Germany. Their 3-song EP 'Sacrifice' is out now, and if you hurry, you can still get a copy of it on vinyl at their Bandcamp page. This isn't some over-produced cheesy metal with growling dog vocals, this is straight-up blackened thrash inspired by the fastest riffs of Nihilist, Repugnant, Sadistic Intent, Slayer & Sepultura. If you're feeling a little metal today, download this and start a circle pit in your living room.

- download - band submission -
1. Forsaken And Forgotten
2. Sacrifice
3. Cemetery Of Lies

1. Covered In Decadence (Escarnium)
2. Sacrifice (Incarceration)

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