OPEN SORES - Self Titled


Open Sores is a 2-piece bass and drum combo from Schenectady, NY. I never really envisioned myself writing about a band like them on this blog, but as I listened to their 9-song EP today, I literally felt like I was getting slowly crushed by a steamroller. Forget what you might be thinking because this band sounds just as huge as any other powerviolence band you're going to hear. This speaker-shredding recording combines elements of punk, crust and thrash, with feedback and samples strewn throughout. The (dual?) vocals are just as manic and desperate as the rest of it and they only add to the uneasy feeling of impending doom you'll get as you listen. It's all over in just under 6 minutes and against your better judgement you're going to just keep playing this over and over again. The band also has 2 other demos on their Bandcamp page so if you like what you hear, head over there and feel free to give them some $$$. The band will eventually offer this EP on cassette & CD, so if you want one, keep track of them on Facebook.

- download -
1. Holy Man
2. Crossed
3. Time To Pay
4. Powerless
5. Madworld
6. Dead To Rights
7. Devoured
8. Materialistic Holocaust
9. Warpigs

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