KHAN - The Plague


Born in the summer of 2011 at the Quebec bar "Le bateau de nuit", Khan recorded their first LP in March 2012. I've been meaning to mention them for a long while now but they just got lost in the barrage of great releases lately. The Plague is a 9-song roller coaster ride of fast-paced crust punk with a rhythm section oozing out the unmistakable sound of d-beat. Think of Throats meets Cursed. You can still get the LP from Toys Of Disharmony and they'll have 2 new songs on an upcoming 4 x 7" boxset on Doomsday Machine Records.

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1. Healing Comes Through Blood
2. The Plague
3. Tentacles Of Abomination
4. Not So Smart Now vs. Predator
5. Giant
6. Jukai
7. Requiescant In Pace
8. Seeking Light
9. A Rapist Circle

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