BRAIN CORRUPTION - Artifacts Of Humanity


Brain Corruption is a grindcore band from the Bremen area in Germany, founded by Robert and Marty in September 2009. From 2010 to May 2012, Thorso (Abhorrent Castigation) was added as a second guitarist. It looks like they are back to being a 2-piece for this release. I was hesitant to post this one at all. Musically, it's great. It's like a giant wall of violent, mechanical grindcore crashing down on your head. Production-wise, think of Puig Destroyer. And, half of the vocals are great too, but the other half... well let's just say I'm not too fond of them. Mixed in with the standard crust-style, higher pitched vocals are the lower, growl-y, guttural grunts you might hear in some doom, black metal or goregrind band. So, take a listen and decide for yourself. The download is free and it's worth checking out just to hear how good a 2-piece DIY band can sound.

For fans of Rotten Sound, Nasum, Insect Warfare, All Pigs Must Die and NAILS

- download -
1. Artifacts Of Humanity
2. Afterlife Hysteria
3. In Your Face
4. Lack Of Knowledge
5. Voidalism
6. The Cancer Grows On
7. Observator
8. Parasites
9. Security
10. Misery

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