GLOBE AND BEAST - Grandfather's Axe


Globe And Beast, from San Diego, released their behemoth of an LP 'Grandfather's Axe' earlier this year. It was 13 brutal tracks of violent, metallic hardcore. They've decided that they want their album heard by as many people as humanly possible, so it is now up for free digital download via their Bandcamp page. I highly recommend that you grab this, it's a brilliant record. The biggest praise I can give this band is that they honestly remind me of Cursed, from the perfect production to the Colohan-esque vocals. Download & buy, NOW.

- download -
1. The Weight
2. Stays The Same
3. Hand Of Glory
4. Body's Sore
5. Actuality Of Chaos
6. Days On Replay
7. Woven Deep Within
8. A River's Mouth
9. Directions
10. Systems
11. Coexist
12. Creatures Of Habit
13. Grandfather's Axe

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