Well, lads, I won't write the usual verbiage, let's just keep in mind that the releases listed here are the ones that I listened to 666 times per week and deleted from my ipod in order to not abuse, not hate or not get bored of them. I must warn you that I relentlessly procrastinated listening a shitload of stuff this year, from My Bloody Valentine to Ulcerate and Oranssi Pazuzu. So here it is, intoxicated by the sickening Christmas spirit here in Germany and therefore being über generous, I give you my 37 favorite releases of the year, in no particular fucking order, because I'm too busy with Uni and remembering how great Terrorizer used to be.

PS: The new Immolation album would have done my list too, but they need to remember to not overproduce drums, besides that, much respect.  ~David

Check out the full list after the break.

INQUISITION - Obscure Verses For The Multiverse (October)

OBLITERATION - Black Death Horizon (November)

ARABROT - Self Titled (August)

DEAD IN THE DIRT - The Blind Hole (August)

TRUE WIDOW - Circumambulation (July)

ALL PIGS MUST DIE - Nothing Violates This Nature (July)

BÖLZER - Aura (October)

HAAPOJA - Self Titled (May)

DEAFHEAVEN - Sunbather (June)

MALTHUSIAN - Demo MMXII (November)

HESSIAN - Manegarm (April)

KAPYTAEN - Split W/ Belladone (November)

TRIBULATION - The Formulas Of Death (May)

ALTAR OF PLAGUES - Teethed Glory And Injury (April)

MOTHER BRAIN - Straight To Business (September)

HARROWED - Into Inferno (December)

PIG DESTROYER - Mass & Volume (March)

RORCAL - Villagvége (February)

CENTURIES - Teudium Vitae (August)

NAILS - Abandon All Life (March)

SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP - Opium Morals (March)

ROTTEN SOUND - Species At War (January)


DREAD SOVEREIGN - Pray To The Devil In Man (April)


IN SOLITUDE - Sister (October)

GRAVE MIASMA - Odori Sepulcrorum (September)

THE GATES OF SLUMBER - Stormcrow (January)

AUTOPSY - The Headless Ritual (June)

CATHEDRAL - The Last Spire (April)

DARKTHRONE - The Underground Resistance (February)

SUFFOCATION - Pinnacle Of Bedlam (February)

CARCASS - Surgical Steel (September)

WATAIN - The Wild Hunt (August)

THE RUINS OF BEVERAST - Blood Vaults (September)

OATHBREAKER - Eros l Anteros (August)

DEAD LORD - Goodbye Repentance (April)

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