WITHERS - Hear The Unsung. Speak The Unspoken


This 3-piece from Linz, Austria is approaching music intensely, and is driven by vocal outbursts and disruptive guitars. They're developing a sound that will assault your senses with feedback punctuating the eardrum to an apocalyptic backdrop. Lyrically they keep it deep and speak in general about human/social atrocities, troubled minds and search of self-awareness. In this manner they are evocative of bands like Converge, Cursed or Cave In, who have a similar approach of creating music in the grey area between chaotic Hardcore, Metal and Punk.

Withers put out one of my favorite records earlier this year, 'Lightmares', which you can download at their Bandcamp page with a "name your price" option. And, they have just put 2 more songs up for a free as well. These songs exist in physical form on a tape with a limited pressing of 100 on Thirty Days Of Night Records. This latest offering is on par with everything else they've release, that is to say they are FUCKING EXCELLENT. They also have 2 more splits in the pipeline to be released early next year, so keep your eyes open for more from this amazing band.

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1. Inflame. Exhume. Resign.
2. Delusions Of Grandeur

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