They As In Them were a 5-piece punk/hardcore/sludge band formed late 2009 in Los Angeles by childhood friends that released a demo, a split tape and a 7". Unfortunately, they announced yesterday on their Facebook page that they would no longer be making music:
"We're a haggard bunch of dysfunctional dudes who love to play together but we've realized the project can't go on any longer. Individually we are all at different creative places. We are glad to have had the chance to travel together, meet amazing people, and share our music with anyone who cared. We can literally name the people who have helped us, cared about our project, or gave us a floor to sleep on. And that is awesome. Keep the scum alive and spit on people more often, fuckers."
So, if you were a fan, sorry to ruin your day. If they are new to you, well hey, at least you have some new music to check out. They've put their releases on Bandcamp for free and you can still buy the 7".

- download -
1. Bad Debt
2. Kill Yourself
3. Ruiner
4. The Paradigm Shift

They As In Them tracks only
1. The Twentieth Century Was A Hoax
2. Nuclear Arms
3. Death Beach
4. Soft Machines

1. Nineteen-Seventeen
2. Orchid
3. Soft Machines
4. Blue Period

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