NEGATIVE STANDARDS - Split w/Whitehorse


If you think a 3-song 12" doesn't sound very imposing, you may want to think again. Oakland's Negative Standards and Australia's Whitehorse have joined forces to create a record so mammoth that you will probably need a new needle for your record player after a few spins. Negative Standards have been featured on this blog before, and their previous releases, a 10" & LP, are still some of the most played records in my collection. This new split is crazy. You've got 2 songs from Negative Standards, one is 9 1/2 minutes and combines every genre you could want in a song. It's an atmospheric, creepy, sludge-filled blast of violence. When you're done with it, you'll feel like you just listened to 10 songs. The 2nd track on their side is just over 2 minutes and is more of a full frontal attack, similar to their previous records. I'm not terribly familiar with Whitehorse, but their near-13 minute monster of a side lives up to everything I've heard about them: Ultra-brutal sludge/doom with one of the sickest vocalists around. It felt like I needed to curl up in the fetal position as I listened to them. 

If this sounds like something you'd want to subject yourself to, buy this 12" from Vendetta Records.

- download -
1. Negative Standards - XII
2. Negative Standards - XIII
3. Whitehorse - External Oblivion

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