I went to an all-boys Catholic High School, so I may be predisposed to liking this band based solely on their name. Sadly, this band is not made up of actual catholic girls but, is instead, 5 dudes from Denver, CO that are getting ready to release what is sure to be one of the best records of the New Year. 'Distant' is a 5-song punch to the head that is on par with anything that Southern Lord or Deathwish Inc. is putting out right now. Feeling familiar and new at the same time, this 7" takes many twists and turns down the road of hardcore but any fan of bands like Cursed or Homestretch will enjoy the ride. 

The record comes out in early 2014 on Crown And Throne Ltd, a new label based in Denver. Pre-orders will be happening soon, so follow the Band and the Label on Facebook. The limited pressing will feature artwork by Chris Colohan, which is just another reason to get this. If you like what you hear below, go buy it yourself on the Crown And Throne Ltd Bandcamp Page, where you'll get an extra track not included on the 7". 

- download - band approved -
1. Dead Fawn
2. Loveless
3. Sleepwalking
4. Sorry City
5. 1996
6. Piston

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