VACCINE - No Faith split


Vaccine was a monstrous, pissed off, straight-edge hardcore/powerviolence band from western Massachusetts. After releasing a demo in 2009, they rolled out a handful of releases steadily over the next few years, including a split with another SxE HxC powerhouse Coke Bust. The band called it quits in February 2013, but they still had some releases in the pipeline. They have one final track that will appear on the To Live A Lie Vol. 2 compilation LP due out sometime soon. But, until then, sit back and enjoy their final 7", a split with No Faith. Every one of their releases is free to download on Bandcamp, so check them out below and take what you want.

- download -
1. Heat Death
2. Fuck Monsanto
3. The Time Is Now
4. Prison Cycle
5. Blood Money

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