2013 has been an INSANE year for hardcore releases. Tons of amazing demos, incredible LP's by established bands, Left For Dead is back at it with new records and we even got a new Cursed song. Making this list ended up being harder than I imagined. It started off as a Top-10, then moved to a Top 13 of 2013. But, the more I looked back over the year, the bigger the list grew. At the end of the day, you've got 35 of my favorite releases this year. They are numbered 1 to 35 but take that with a grain of salt. Obviously, there's not a bad release to be found, and after the Top 10 or so, they are all basically equal in my mind.

However, there were two bands that stood out from the crowd in my humble opinion, creating a tie for the top spot between Harrowed from the UK and Chicago's Moral Void. The debut LP from Harrowed has been a year in the making and was by far my most anticipated release of the year. I was obsessed with their demo cassette and was a huge fan of their earlier band, Santa Karla. When the 'Into Inferno' tracks started streaming in August, I wasn't disappointed. If you were smart enough to pre-order the LP, it started shipping worldwide in December. Meanwhile in the States, Moral Void is currently working on a full-length but went the 7" route in 2013. The 2-song 'Vol. I' completely floored me and their split with Young And In The Way is just as powerful. These are hands down the 2 best 7-inches of the year. As a bonus, they'll have 2 more tracks on 'Vol. II' in early 2014.

HARROWED - Into Inferno (December) - purchase

MORAL VOID - Vol. I (July) & Split w/Young And In The Way (September) - purchase

When I started this blog this year, I had no idea how much work it would involve, but it has been worth every second. I discovered a shitload of new music and met a ton of cool people and bands. Thank You to everyone that has visited us here and I hope you return.  ~ADAM

Click below to see the rest of my Best Of 2013 List. If available, you can download by clicking the release title.

2. HIEROPHANT - Great Mother: Holy Monster (March) - purchase

3. BAPTISTS - Bushcraft (February)

4. KRATZER/KVAZAR - Split (June) - purchase

5. DEATHRITE - Into Extinction (July) - purchase

6. CENTURIES - Taedium Vitae (August) - purchase

7. TEETHING/RAVAGE RITUAL - Split (June) - purchase

8. SVFFER - Self Titled (August) - purchase

9. SIBERIAN HELL SOUNDS - Self Titled (September) - purchase

10. WITHERS - Lightmares (June) & Hear The Unsung. Speak The Unspoken (December) - purchase

11. TOTEM SKIN - These Ghosts Are Haunting Our Halls (March) & Still Waters Run Deep (October) - buy

12. YOUNG AND IN THE WAY - Splits w/Withdrawal (March) & Moral Void (September) - purchase

13. ANORAK - Go Up In Smoke (October) - purchase

14. DEPRAVATON - II: Maledictvm (July) - purchase

15. CAGED GRAVE - Demo (August)

16. GLOBE AND BEAST - Grandfather's Axe (March) - purchase

17. EXHAUSTION - Demo (June) - purchase

18. NAILS - Abandon All Life (March) - purchase

19. CORRUPT LEADERS - Self Titled (June) - purchase

20. WVRM - Despair (December)

21. MARANATHA - Spiritless (July) - purchase

22. BØREDØM - Über Alles! (February) - purchase

23. SHORTLIFE - Slave (June)

24. HEARTLESS - Certain Death (May) - purchase

25. HESSIAN - Manegarmr (April) - purchase

26. SLAVE - Self Titled (July)

27. CROSS BUILDER - MMXIII (September)

28. BLACKEST - EP (November)

29. ISOLATION TANK - Demo (October) - purchase

30. FISSURE - Self Titled (August)

31. RAZOREATER/ICED OUT - Split (April) - purchase

32. KAPYTAEN - Self Titled (February) & Split w/Belladone (November)

33. SICK/TIRED - King Of Dirt (May) - purchase

34. GUN MOB - Discography (July)

35. CURSED - The Rest (July) - purchase