They Eat Their Own God is a blackened, anarcho-punk crust band from Columbia, SC. They just released official finished versions of 2 songs after two years of development. These tracks will be physically released on a 7" sometime in the near future. These 2 songs are BIG and they each clock in at around 7½ minutes. They are vastly layered and have a dark, spacey and atmospheric feel to them. The band describes itself as "A group of friends tackling personal struggles and commenting on broader social concerns-- alienation, doubt, domination, hatred & love, group dynamics, the subversion of power, and the tragically more common subversion of the self-- through short stories, poetry, visual arts, and rippin' tunes."

For fans of Deafheaven, Nachtmystium & Young And In The Way

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1. Open Gaits
2. Occlude//Swallow//Conflagarant

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