(U.S.) Pile-Songs Known Together, Alone LP (2021)

Country: USA
Genre: Postwhatever, Grunge, Indie Rock
Label: Exploding In Sound
Tracks: 15
Length: 55.0'

Pile is a band from Boston, MA who formed in 2007.  Pile play a killer style of music that incorporates elements of post hardcore, post punk, grunge, and indie rock within their sound.  Musically, Pile can be said to be influenced by bands such as Husker Du, Pixies, Firehose, Shellac, Afgan Whigs, and other like-minded bands.  Since forming in 2007, Pile have released a self-titled demo in July of 2007, a ten song LP titled Jerk Routine in May of 2008, a ten song LP titled Magic Isn't Real in October of 2010, a three song 7" titled Big Web in September of 2011, a ten song LP titled Dripping in October of 2012, a two song 7" titled Special Snowflakes/Mama's Lipstick in March of 2014, a ten song LP titled You're Better Than This in March of 2015,  a six song EP titled Audiotree Live in May of 2017, a nine song live LP titled Live At Third Man Records in December of 2017, a thirteen song LP titled A Hairshirt Of Purpose in March of 2017, a nine song LP titled Odds And Ends in September of 2018, a thirteen song LP titled  Green And Gray in May of 2019, a fifteen song live stream of their 2010 LP Magic Isn't real in April of 2021,  and a fifteen song improvisational album titled In The Corners Of A Sphere Filled Room in May of 2021.  Songs Known Together, Alone is the band's latest full-length LP, which was released on August 20th, 2021.  On Songs Known Together, Alone Pile offer up fifteen lo-fi and more atmospheric versions of earlier recorded and released songs on previous albums. Overall, Songs Known Together, Alone makes for an amazing listen and definitely should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy! 

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