This Heals Nothing - Part Of The Routine EP (2018)

Rel. Date: February 25, 2018
Format: CD
Origin: Bochum (Germany)
Genre: Post Hardcore, Melodic Hardcore, Screamo 
Label: self-released     

This Heals Nothing is a 5-piece band from Bochum, Germany which is next to my hometown. So going on that alone, this band gets my full support.! Though they don't reinvent the wheel, but their mix of Melodic Hardcore and Screamo is well composed and absolutely solid performed. 'Part Of The Routine' is their second EP since their forming in 2015. A CD version is only available at their live shows or via personal contact through their facebook page. Currently digital formats are available via nyp option on bandcamp. Give it a try, it's a really good band.! I will take a closer look at their live shows around my area in a few weeks. Enjoy.!!

This Heals Nothing - Part Of The Routine EP (2018)

This Heals Nothing - To Die Upon The Hand I Love EP (2016)
This Heals Nothing - For Escape (Live Session) (2016)

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