Take Over And Destroy/Gatecreeper-Split 7" (2014)

Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore, Punk, Death Metal, Sludge, Goth Rock

Label: President Gator Records/Common Wall Media
Tracks: 2
Length: 8.0'

Damn.  Here's a killer split 7" I absolutely had to post after hearing.  This seven inch features two new tracks from Arizona's Take Over And Destroy and Gatecreeper.  Take Over And Destroy is a six piece band from Tempe, Az who got their start in 2011, by the looks of things.  Take Over And Destroy play a killer style of music that blurs the lines between goth rock, death metal and sludge tinged style of hardcore.  On their side of the split Take Over And Destroy offer up one track of hardcore, metal, goth rock, etc that will leave you scratching your head.  The second song on the split comes courtesy of Gatecreeper.  Gatecreeper is a five piece death metal/hardcore band from Phoenix/Tucson, Arizona who formed in 2013, from the loooks of things.  Gatecreeper play a bonecrushing style of brutal sounding death metal/hardcore.  Gatecreeper's song for the split is more traditional in the realm of things, but by no means makes the song any less impressive.  Overall, this is a killer split 7" and should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!  This split 7" was released via President Gator and Common Wall Media on March 31st, 2014.

Take Over And Destroy on Bandcamp
Take Over And Destroy on Facebook
Gatecreeper on Bandcamp
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ADAM said...

Fucking LOVE Gatecreeper... can't wait to hear this. Thanks dude.