Haust-Bodies LP (2015)

Country: Norway
Genre: Punk, Noise Rock
Label: Tiger/Fysisk Format Records
Tracks: 10
Length: 42.0'

Haust is a five piece band from Oslo, Norway who formed in 2009 from the looks of things.  Haust play a blown-out, dirty, gritty, and raw style of punk and noise rock.  Haust give nods to bands such as Brain Bombs, The Stooges, Jesus Lizard, Shellac, Big Black, The Cows, Hammerhead, and Drive Like Jehu in their sound.  Haust features muddy, fuzzy, and distorted guitar work.  Rhythmic basslines and pummeling drum beats add depth to the band's sound.  Rounding out the band's sound are scathing and venomous vocals that can easily fit in primitive death metal style bands.  I know this sounds like it wouldn't work on paper, but Haust somehow makes the vocal delivery work with the band's overall sound.  Bodies is the band's latest full-length LP, which was released via Tiger and Fysisk Format records on March 4th, 2015.  On their latest LP, Haust offer up ten tracks of blown-out, self-destructive, and gritty as fuck sounding punk and noise rock.  Overall, Bodies is a killer album and should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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Haust-Bodies LP (2015)

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