TROGLODYTES - Avoid / Survive

GENRE - Raw Punk, Hardcore, Thrash
FFO - Aerosols, Vile Gash, Nazi Dust, Raw Nerves
D/L - Mediafire

TROGLODYTES play a fast, pissed off and brutal style of hardcore punk. The 10 songs spread out across this 8 minute cassette are full of rough, abrasive, old-school punk but also have a dark vibe to them that should also please fans of thrash or hardcore. The band formed in London, UK by black/punk solo artist Sesso Violento and shares members of British grind and black metal underground acts Cthulhu Youth, Cease to Exist and Turbo Chong. This is a limited edition of 50 (40 clear + 10 red with folded lyrics insert) on Yamabushi Recordings and can be purchased on Bandcamp.

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