HADAK URA - Forever Dying//Forever Dead

GENRE: Grindcore, Hardcore, Black Metal
FFO: Hatred Surge, Vermin Womb, Mind Eraser, Sea Of Shit

In mythology, Hadak Ura translates to "Warlord" or "Master of Armies" and was the war god in the religion of the early Hungarians. This version of Hadak Ura, however, is 5 dudes from Columbus, OH and they just put out a blistering, dark-as-fuck, 11-track release that will have you shitting your pants and reaching for your rosary. But seriously, this is fucking intense, and you should be downloading this already. This band features a member of Scum Guilt, another great grind band, and the amazing cover was done by Vermin Womb's Ethan McCarthy. From that artwork I can only assume a cassette release is forthcoming as well.

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Hadak Ura - Forever Dying//Forever Dead (2015)

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Former members of The Heartland as well.