AVHATH / DISFARE - Split Cassette - First Listen + Interview

GENRE: Hardcore, Punk, Crust, Black Metal, Powerviolence
FFO: Nails, Hierophant, Nachtmystium, Young And In The Way

Avhath and Disfare are both new bands emerging from the capital city of Jakarta, Indonesia. Both bands formed in early 2013, Disfare playing fastcore/powerviolence while Avhath plays more of a black metal punk. Now they are joining forces for a mini tour and a split tape limited to 100 white cassettes on George Rekords, scheduled to be released on Record Store Day, April 18 2015.

I'm super excited to present the first listen of this cassette split a full 10 days before it's release. And, both bands were kind enough to answer a few questions I had for them. So feast your ears on these tunes and be sure to click through to check out the interview.

DISFARE - Facebook / Twitter
AVHATH - Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

DAATP: How did your bands start and what were some of your influences?

Rey: Avhath was formed in early 2013. None of us were in any active bands at that time, and we'd known each other from way back. It all started with a jam session which went pretty well, then we picked a band name and started writing. That's pretty much it. My influences are The Secret, Trap Them, YAITW, Cursed, Alpinist (what else?).
Ekrig: We kinda knew what we wanted this band to sound like from the very beginning, That’s why our first jam went exceptionally well. I like the European metal / hardcore / punk scene, I’d say Totalt Javla Morker, Blut Aus Nord, Peste Noire, Winterfylleth, and anything i could listen from Les Legions Noires, has been my influence for Avhath.
Indra: The latest Watain’s sound, Kampfar, Midnight and Okkultokrati has been recently seeping to our sound.

Disfare was formed in early 2013, when I was introduced to Bram through last.fm and i asked him to play some fast hardcore thing, then he was like "cool, lets fuckin' do it". And subsequently Bram asked Faisal and Edward to join the band. I played some riffs, and Bram liked it, so we tried some Extortion/Coke Bust/Punch mish mash, and later on i added some grind shit like Magrudergrind, Wormrot, In Disgust, etc. too many influences, but i can say that these are the bands that we ripped off, haha!

DAATP: Is there a big hardcore scene in Indonesia?

Indra: Definitely! There are tons of great bands in Indonesia since the country is made up of over 17,500 islands. To name a few: Alice, Haul, Vrosk, Rajasinga, SSSLOTHHH (Bandung, West Java), True Hell, Disdain (Depok, West Java), Gerram, Black//Hawk (Palembang, South Sumatera), Dark Circle (Padang, West Sumatera), Violence of Crusade, Speedy Gonzales, Seized, Hoax (Kediri, East Java), Deadly Weapon, Cloudburst, Warmouth, Exhumation (Yogyakarta). And of course many countless acts from many cities that we could not cite one by one.
Ekrig: There was a band from Semarang (West Java, Indonesia) named Edword, I dont know if they’re still playing tho’.

The hardcore scene in Indonesia is pretty huge, there are tons of hardcore bands all over the country that have been around for years and there are some band that I personally admire. Bands like A.L.I.C.E, Wicked Suffer, Warmouth, Cloudburst, Avhath, etc. They hit really hard. With that being said, I think the scene is doing pretty well. 

DAATP: Have you played any shows outside of the country?

Rey: We had a gig once in Singapore with Rajasinga, an awesome grindcore band from Bandung, Indonesia, and it went great. It was a studio gig so the atmosphere was kind of intimate, the crowd treated us well even though they just saw us for the 1st time and it's nice to make new friends in other part of the world. Definitely a memorable experience. One of us is still in school, so if the time is right we’ll try to tour Asia by the end of the year. Recently, we’ve been working our asses off to get to tour the Japan, if any people in Japan read this and are keen to book us, it would be totally fun!

Nope, we haven't played outside the country yet but we would love to.

DAATP: Do you have any future releases people should be looking for?

Indra: Avhath have two splits coming up. First is a Split with Violence of Crusade (Dark Hardcore/Sludge from Kediri, East Java, Indonesia). It's in the middle of production as both of the bands already finished their songs. Tape version will be handled Alaium Records from Jakarta and the vinyl format will be self-released. The 2nd one is a 7” split with xANEKAxDIGITALxSAFARIx, a Harsh Noise/Grind/Electronic from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

We actually have some new material for our upcoming EP that is ready to be recorded as soon as we finish our Java tour with Avhath by the end of this April. We haven't got a label yet to release it though but I hope it will be released before the end of this year.

DAATP: So you guys are going on a tour together to support this split?

Indra: Should be a lot of fun since this is Avhath’s 1st tour and some of the members of Avhath and Disfare have already known each other for a long time with their previous bands. We are looking forward to playing in front of a completely different crowd with many other great bands.

DAATP: What are the biggest goals you have for your bands?

Ekrig: The biggest goal for me is to tour places we’ve never been and put out as many 7 inches  as we can, simple as that, we don't really care about anything else.

Probably the biggest goal from the beginning of this band is to release some physical stuff, as much as we could. And more touring would be great as well.

Thanks to both bands for the great interview and the first listen! - Adam 

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