Death Engine-Mud LP (2015)

Country: France
Genre: Post Hardcore, Sludge, Noise Rock, Post Metal
Label: Throatruiner
Tracks: 7
Length: 39.0'

Death Engine is a four piece band from Lorient, France who formed in May of 2012.  Death Engine play an ambitious and forward thinking style of music that borrows from several sub genres of underground music.  Death Engine's style of forward-thinking music draws inspiration from a variety of sources that include post hardcore, sludge, post metal, and noise rock.  Musically, Death Engine can be said to be influenced by bands such as Eyehategod, Buzzoven, Botch, Breather Resist, Celeste, and Neurosis.  With that being said, these influences should only be used as a starting point of reference when describing Death Engine's sound because their style is truly unique and impossible to ignore.  Something else that really grabs my attention with Death Engine's latest album is that there is a layered nuance to the music that makes the band heavy as fuck and yet somehow beautiful.  There's even a hint of shoegaze thrown in with some of these songs, which only confounds me even more.  The seven tracks found on Mud make for a brutal and ambtious as fuck listen that won't be leaving your stereo any time soon.  Overall, Mud makes for an amazing listen and Death Engine is an absolute must listen for fans of Eyehategood, Neurosis, Celeste, and Amen Ra.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!  Mud was released via Throatruiner records on March 2nd, 2015.

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Death Engine-Mud LP (2015)
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