GENRE - Hardcore, Black Metal, Powerviolence, Doom Grind
FFO - Dead In The Dirt, Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Left For Dead
D/L - Zippyshare or Bandcamp

When I heard the first notes of the first release from Siberian Hell Sounds about a year and a half ago, I was immediately hooked. It had everything I loved. Creepy sample in front of the title track, followed by insanely catchy, powerful hardcore beats. Manic vocals, production in the red, and perfectly timed blast beats. I listened to it probably 20 times in a row. They followed up with the PCPEP not long after, which was more of the same craziness, although with a noticeable slowdown in spots and tinged with some doom. Last October saw a split 10" with NØNE, which featured two SHS tracks. The production here was more polished, not in a bad way, just different and better. Those songs have a more epic, dark experimental sound to them. More complex in every way, Slower still in parts, faster in others, but just as powerful as any of their other releases. I was intrigued, and thrilled that they weren't devolving into a straight up doom band. To go along with this record, the band released a short film/music video. It's beautiful and haunting, and I would try to describe it more but it's better if you just watch it for yourself: 

Now, I feel like they've hit their stride with their newest offering, ⍲⍕⍎⍱. A 4-song, impossible to pronounce EP that sounds like Cursed, Hierophant and Dead In The Dirt made some sort of fucked up, evil, hardcore hell-spawn. In other words, it's fucking fantastic. It really is near-perfect as far as I'm concerned. Riffs, Hooks, Chugs, Blasts... It's all there. Honestly some of the coolest hardcore beats I've heard in a long time. While it's a shame that there's only 4 songs, don't worry, more is on the way. A split with Travels is coming soon. I'm being told to expect something completely different from the rest of their shit. And, an LP should be finished sometime this year. Needless to say, you should grab this newest release immediately, along with all their other stuff at their Bandcamp page. If you can, throw some $$$ their way to help pay for all this stuff.

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