YEARS OF ABUSE - The Social Order

GENRE - Grind, Hardcore, Punk
FFO - The Secret, Trap Them, Enabler
D/L - Zippyshare or Bandcamp

Years Of Abuse is a brand new 3-piece nihilistic, grind/hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia. Not much more is known about them at this time, but their Facebook states that shows are being announced soon. As far as music goes, I'm pretty blown away. This is about as good as a debut gets and finding things like this is one of the best things about doing this blog. This is just great, uptempo hardcore with drums going a million miles an hour, angry vocals and perfect guitar tone/production. Grab this immediately and pray for more soon.

EDIT: Hmm, OK, the tracks were removed from Bandcamp by the band "for the next couple of days. Details to follow.." Not sure why, but you can always check back there later, and you can still download them above ;-]

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