Xatatax - May 2015 cover art
if someone played this for me and told me to guess where theyre from, id very loudly and confidently shout OAKLAND!!! then id high five myself and slap a baby. maybe even do a dance. (not really. im a 300 lb bearded sloth. I don't dance.) but...id be wrong. wrong by 3092.7 miles (I googled it). these guys are from the boston area. but ill be goddammed if they don't sound like they ripped a page right out of vastums playbook. dirty, crusty, fantastic bay area sounding death metal. sadly they are defunct now. according to their bandcamp they quit right after recording this last batch of songs. I can only hope that theyre using this time not being xatatax to hitchhike across the country to where they should have been born and there they'll reform again as being their new homeland will give them a renewed hope and love of being xatatax. the links below are to their bandcamp where you can get their last bunch of songs and the zippy link is to (thanks to mother Russia) a shitty rip of their 2014 demo. but since youre going to their bandcamp anyway, and you are going, id suggest paying the dollar theyre asking for it. the new songs are nyp.

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