this is another one of those bands that put out oh so few but ridiculously fantastic recordings. this was aaron edge (from 100s of bands) and johnny pettibone (undertow, himsa, heiress). came out somewhere near the end of himsas run. ive always been a fan of pettibones vocals but this doom atmosphere fits it perfect. it keeps it fresh. don't misunderstand the doom label here either. these aren't 16 minute boring drone fests. some of it is very slow but in the best way possible. the riffs of fucking phenomenal. I have a tendency to try pick albums apart and find things I don't like. I cant do that here. my one minor complaint would be that there isn't more. that this is short. but honestly maybe that works in it favor. its only 20 minutes or so so theres no real chance to get stale. this is heavy shit. feel it.

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