so other than wormwitch, and I think ive made clear my love of those guys, im not really finding a lot of new bands that are jumping out and grabbing my attention at the moment so I thought id go ahead and refresh that cobra noir post. they were around from about 2004 till 2009 and goddammit these guys were good. melodic crusty punk/hardcore. nothing extremely technical or over the top. just a solid hardcore band from top to bottom. out of all the Canadian hardcore bands ive mentioned with ties to cursed, these guys were the ones with no direct link to cursed, although they did share members with the black hand and ire who did have members from cursed. ironically they were the closest in sound and tone out of all of them to what cursed was doing. and out of that group they are probably my favorite not named cursed. (confused yet?) (bothered by how many times ive said cursed?) (I purposely chose that band pic because the singer was wearing a cursed shirt) (oh and...CURSED) each one of them seemed to have a different take on hardcore. ire was heavily doom influenced. cobra noir was the most punk. the black hand had excellent crust/thrash sound. acrid was as much grind as it was hardcore. and mi amore (whos only connection here is sharing members with cobra noir) were the most straight up hardcore. I have several links below for what im pretty sure is all their recorded output. I also have a link for the abridged pause blog which contains links for all the discographies of the other bands ive mentioned (except mi amore. that may turn up here as well). and there you can also find discogs for other great bands like spread the disease, new day rising, ignorance never settles and several others who all, in a 6 degrees of kevin bacon kind of way, tied in to this family tree.


Anonymous said...

I put out the Barricades cd ( Chainsaw Safety) back in late 2006. Thanks for showing the love that these guys deserved. But you need to also mention all the connections to The Black Hand!

Jerm said...

Thats awesome and yeah these guys were fantastic. I think there were 3 guys in both. I know radwan is the cursed connection. And i know Patrick fontaine played guitar for both. I have his new project, c h r i s t, comming up soon

Jerm said...

Also the only reason i didn't do posts for the black hand and the others is because abridged pause has active links for them and good write ups as well.