so I posted the first ep, "the long defeat" from these guys a couple weeks ago and in case anyone missed that fantastic bit of hatred then stop reading now and go get it then come back here. ill wait....(literally waiting like a dumbass right now)...ok everyone ready? good. so I got an email from one of the guys in the band yesterday and they dropped a new song and all I can say fffuuuuuckin mother fuck fuck this shit is good. this song is a little more straight forward blackened thrash than the ep but its just as great. less of a punk vibe on this. no one would, or should, argue that goatwhore is one of the most hateful bands around right now and im happy to say this track leads me to believe that wormwitch is headed down that same path. this shit kills. further solidifies my statement about these guys being the best new band ive heard in a long time. not sure about a release date on new material yet, but you can check out the new track below. listen to this. throat punch a stranger while listening to this. repeatedly.

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