(U.S.) Haybaby-Sleepy Kids LP (2015)

Country: USA
Genre: Punk, Grunge, Indie Rock, Noise Pop

Label: Tiny Engines
Tracks: 9
Length: 32.0'

Holy shit! Where did this band come from?  Seriously, this is the best album I've heard all week.  Haybaby is a three piece band from Brooklyn, New York who formed in early 2012, from the looks of things.  Haybaby play a dark and moody style of discordant and frenetic female fronted punk, grunge, indie rock, and noise pop.  Since their inception in 2012, Haybaby have released a four dong EP titled It's Okay in February of 2012, a two song EP titled Nightmare Man in August of 2013 of 2013, and and a four song EP titled Superpresent in October of 2013.  Sleepy Kids is Haybaby's latest full-length LP, which was released via Tiny Engines records on October 30th, 2015.  On Sleepy Kids, Haybaby offer up nine tracks of dark and moody punk, grunge, indie rock and noise pop that's an absolute must listen for fans of Slint, Hop Along, Pixies, Thin Lips, and possibly even the Breeders.  Overall, Sleepy Kids is a killer LP and should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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