so yeah heres another really fucking good one I found a while back. I know virtually nothing about them other than they were from north Carolina and their facebook page has been inactive for almost 3 years so im guessing theyre long broken up. shame too because they were awesome. maybe its just me but at times this vocalists sounds more like chris colohan than chris colohan. I understand that could be considered blasphemy but ill risk it. seriously though these guys pull off the cursed sound and tone without sounding like theyre trying to sound like cursed. if that makes any sense. probably not. I need sleep. anyway, get on this shit. also if anyone knows anything about them leave a comment. im curious about what theyre doing now and if any members are still active in other bands.


ADAM said...

dude. thanks for posting this. as you know, i'm always more than happy to hear anything that sounds remotely like Cursed. So this rules. Unfortunately, like you said, they seemed to have dropped off the face of the Earth. I wonder if some of them went on to form some of the newer bands down in North Carolina... oh well.

Jerm said...

Yeah i couldn't find anything. Last fm says nothing and they dont show up at all on discogs. Would love to know what happened to them though.