W R I T H E - Self Titled (2016)

Country: Australia
Genre: Grindcore, Hardcore, Crust, Powerviolence

Holy Mother Fuck I don't even know what I am listening to. If this truly is a one-man project like I suspect, I just might shit myself because this 5 1/2 minute EP just flat out fucking rules. Fans of Nails, Caged Grave, Teethgrinder, Cursed Earth and Dead In The Dirt will eat this shit up like candy. For years I've wanted to learn how to do my own home recording so I don't have to deal with actual humans in person, but I have just never had the patience to learn that stuff. Meanwhile, this goddamn band managed to record the music all in one day and wrote the lyrics, tracked the vocals and mixed it the following day, according to their Facebook page. Excuse me while I jump out my fucking window immediately. It should go without saying that you should grab this now and play it loud. I know it's short, but I swear it's worth it, and the band says more stuff is coming in the future. 

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