so I said I was gonna try to post some older stuff here. sure I support new bands and im all about them getting their chance, but theres too many albums and bands that don't deserve to be forgotten and have their albums gathering dust on some second hand record store shelf. this is one of those bands. they weren't around long. 1 ep. 1 split with burnt by the sun. 1 split live album with the esoteric. that's it. don't know what happened to the members or why they quit or what theyre doing now. but I do know they left about 20 minutes of perfect chaos. these guys took what dillenger was doing with calculating infinity and made it better. somehow made it catchy. yeah its mathcore so youre probably wondering how catchy would apply here but believe me it just does. they added a little bit of a dark punk kind of vibe. maybe they weren't as skilled as dillinger. maybe they were b students in math. who knows. but I do know it all translated into awesome. this shit was good. this shit is good. heres the ep and the songs from the split with bbts.

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