Demos cover art
just a quick one here. gonna try to get a couple more up later today but just had to throw this up now. found this a few days ago. came out in may of last year. out of all the demos and debuts ive heard over the last several months this is definitely near the top. dirty, sludgy hardcore. sounds very familiar but also very fresh at the same time. the only thing I can think of off the top of my head to compare it to would be maybe breach or possibly deadguy/kiss it goodbye in spots but really the one that sticks out is yellow king. pretty sure they were posted here a few weeks back so if you missed that shit then get on it. get this too. well worth your 17 minutes.


man-shaped hole said...

Digging your posts, dude. Bunch of stuff I've overlooked/slept on. You should check these sick jams out:

Jerm said...

Awesome man thanks for the feedback and glad people are liking it. Throes ive listened to a little and ill definitely check out team dead

Jerm said...
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