The Long Defeat cover art
I put a link up in the chatbox a few weeks back for this but Ive been so hooked on it that i really felt like it needed more attention. this is one of the best releases of 2015. hands down the best 17 minutes youll hear all day. a dbeat here. a blastbeat there. some black metal riffs to sacrifice your grandma to. and a crawling doom intro to creep into your soul and beat it into submission. slow punches. youll see them coming but you wont want to move. this shit kills. and its from Canada. i didn't know Canada was capable of this kind of hatred till 5 or 6 years ago. that's when i discovered cursed. i know i know. i was way late to that party. BUT that party led me to so much more. see before that i was convinced Canada hated us. i mean they gave us bryam adams. and the craptastic loverboy. alanis morrisette for christs sake. i mean sure they also gave us devin townsend, and ryan Reynolds (goddammit i cant wait for deadpool), and tim hortons but as much as i love all that just never felt like it was enough. then came cursed and all of cc's post and pre cursed projects and cobra noir and ire and the black hand and mi amore and so many more. they did take a massive step backwards the beebs but i think now with my knowledge of canadas seething hatred creeping out of the gutters for years, and now with wormwitch i think i can say it....Canada...i forgive you.

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