FUCK. 2Ø15

I haven't made a post on this blog in well over a year because I am actually incredibly lazy and an awful when it comes to keeping up on things like this...SORRY.

So after a bit of inactivity on my part here, what you are going to see below is something I worked on for a few weeks in December. While many people tend to compile a year end list of "best records" of the year that just passed, I took it a step further and was a real dork.

I made a mixtape.

Yes, a real physical mixtape. I put together art work of pictures I took with a Polaroid camera this past year, hand wrote a track listing on a J-card insert that I cut out and then sat in my bed room to put songs to a master cassette one at a time until I felt like I had a mix of songs that accurately represented the albums I listened to over and over again in the year 2015 (minus a few that were unfortunately too long to fit somewhere on a 90 minute Maxell cassette tape.) I then made 25 copies of this cassette to give to friends around the city of Rochester NY, where I live and to send across the country, to the friends I am not fortunate to see as often as I would like.

The songs on this tape represent the memories and emotions of an entire year. Everything I am happy to remember and all the things I would like to forget.

Adam wanted me to make a post about this mixtape, after he was kind enough to do a lot of digging around the Internet for the digital versions of all the songs on the tape (minus one song that won't officially be available until March) that he has compiled to Bandcamp and has made downloadable for all possible interested parties. He is the man and I cannot thank him enough.

I hope you enjoy what you hear and maybe even find a new favorite band out of this little labor of love of mine. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO 

Fuck, 2015. 
Download Here, Or Below...

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Anonymous said...

Good to have you back mate.